Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does DigiEdu prove suitable to all School, College, University, Coaching Centers and Other Education Institutes?

Obviously, DigiEdu is configured to meet all requirements of a School, College, University, Coaching Centers and Other Education Institutes irrespective of its size and profile. With its easy to use functions, administration can manage all kinds of reports in a hassle free manner.

2.Why clients should go for DigiEdu as there are various platforms in the market?

DigiEdu is unique in various ways. A long team of trained and skilled experts has designed its every feature and button with great care after carrying out extensive research while keeping all requirements in mind. Therefore, it proves useful for every kind of education institution. Also customization is our key!!!

3.What does web-based software mean is it available only on internet?

It proves highly efficient online. Web-based software itself means an online solution.

4.I want to host DigiEdu on my own server but need your support. Is this possible?

Yes! We do provide support for self-hosted instances as well. Check out with our support team for more details.

5.What measures do you take for Data Security?

Your data remains 100% safe & secure with our cloud system. Thus, stay tension free for every kind of loss or misuse.

6.Do you provide data backup facility?

Yes, we provide data backup facility for customers' satisfaction. All they need doing to get the data is to make a simple request so will provide the data backup in an excel format.

7.Can reports be exported into PDF or excel format?

Yes. Whenever the system generates report, it gives option to user to convert it into PDF or Excel format.

8.DigiEdu is good but still I am expecting more features. What should I do for that?

Just contact our experts to meet this requirement. Our software is highly customizable therefore you can add or delete anything with simple changes in settings.

9.What is covered in the cloud subscription/What am I paying for?

  • Hosting, backups, and storage managed by us.
  • Priority functional support by the team that made DigiEdu.
  • Your own subdomain (with a choice of accessing via your custom domain).
  • Customization & Bug Fixing guarantee.

10.Do Our System Provides SMS & Messaging Facility?

Indeed, More than 90% of the parents, staff and students carry a mobile phone everywhere. This means that school can reach to parents and students reliably and in a most cost effective way, in case of emergencies, on communicating quickly with the students, update progress information to parents, parent-teacher meetings, events, holidays, and fee reminders etc, The SMS & Messaging feature saves time and money for both parents and the management.

11.Is the cost of implementation covered in the subscription plan?

The subscription plan covers Implementation support and hosting cost. You can avail implementation services by contacting our support team.

12.How to proceed with the subscription payment?

You can pay for your DigiEdu account application subscription payment by contacting our support team.

13.Can I Try Using the System Before I buy DigiEdu system?

Yes, we will provide three months free trial period in which you can access our Cloud based DigiEdu system.

14.How is trial period different from the subscription period?

You can raise up to 5 support queries during the trial excluding error reports. After subscribing to a paid plan, this limit is removed.

15.What happens to my data after I subscribe from the trial period?

Your account is not reset after subscription and the data will remain as is. In case you would like to delete all transactions, you can contact our support team.

16.Do you train clients on how to use DigiEdu system?

Of course, we train our every customer. Besides, our manuals clear every point with precise words.

17.What about support service?

To keep users away of every kind of confusion, our experts always remain ready to provide assistance over email, chat, phone call or direct visit.

18.How DigiEdu system proves beneficial?

DigiEdu proves of great use for everybody. Administrators, teachers, students, parents/guardians and other staff members find it convenient to use. To know more about this software, you can contact our support team without any hesitation or restriction.

19.Which technology did you use for this software?

DigiEdu runs upon various technologies including ASP .net, SQL Server and Java Controls.

20.Is there any kind of hidden charge?

No, there is no hidden charge at all. All you need doing to use this software is to pay the subscription charge only. However, it is important for you to pay the subscription charges on regular basis otherwise it would become difficult to keep it functioning.

21.How long can I use DigiEdu?

You can use this software throughout the life. All you need doing to keep reaping its benefits is to just make pay off the subscription at regular interval.

22.Is there any provision for refunding if software does not meet my expectations?

Currently, a large number of people are using our software. Records prove that almost every one of them is happy and satisfied with the results. So, there is little possibility to get any complaint for your side. Obviously, you will love to use it as this software would surely help to run all kinds of operations in a skillful way.

23.We still have many unanswered questions, what we should do?

Contact us through email, phone (070 659 0590) or WhatsApp ( we will answer your queries or we may visit your Institute to clarify all your queries.